Summer Decorating

Thankfully the weather has turned warmer and with more daylight hours we have more energy to start those decorating projects we have been putting off.  There’s another great motivator that helps us get things done, and that is the thought that “company’s coming”!  Most of us are driven to clean and spruce things up before company arrives.

There are lots of sources on-line for spring cleaning and getting organized, but once that’s done, you may want to freshen up your décor.  For decorating projects, you may be undecided about how to finish what you started.  Or maybe you just need a mini-makeover with a set of fresh (trained) eyes that will help you utilize what you already have.  In any case, here are some inspirational ideas to help get you started. 


Flowers:  Go buy some! This is an easy thing to do.  Fresh cut flowers or branches add life to a room.   It will help elevate your mood, and add fragrance as well as colour.  To do justice to branches, make sure you have a tall glass vase.


Colour:  Add some!  You can use your carpet or artwork as a jumping off point or just pick your favourite colour and go with it.  For an inexpensive DIY project, paint or wallpaper the back of your built-in cabinets for an instant update and big impact.


Art:  Change it up!  Put away your “winter scene” or heavily framed art and bring in something lighter and fresher that speaks to the current season.


Draperies:  Lighten up!  Remove heavy or dark draperies.  Leave windows bare or install inexpensive gauzy sheers or off-white cotton canvas.  For more impact add some contrast edge-banding as shown here.

I hope I have inspired you to make even a small decorating change.  Your guests will appreciate it and so will you.  Enjoy the summer!