Starting Point for Decorating Scheme

Opinions among decorators vary somewhat, but most would agree they like to start a decorating scheme with an inspiration piece.  It could be a piece of art, a particular fabric or a sofa in the perfect colour.   However, if presented with a blank slate, I like to start with an area carpet and build a scheme around it. 

20141029_194829_1For example, this wool and silk area carpet is from a collection by Erbil Tezcan, recently launched at Weavers Art.

Imagine a living room with this carpet as the starting point.  The furniture could be anything from very contemporary to very traditional and would suit this carpet equally well.

Then, focusing on the largest piece of furniture next – the sofa – I might select the light/
cream colour from the carpet for upholstery fabric. I would definitely incorporate some of the yellow/apricot in a fabric for a pair of lounge chairs and/or drapery.

I envision the walls in a pale grey to add depth to the room and provide a layered contrast for the light sofa and chairs.

And last but not least, red accents in artwork and throw cushions would really complete the scheme and do the carpet justice.  What a beautiful and sophisticated room!