Spring Colours Can Make Your Home Come Alive

Spring is the perfect season to rejuvenate your home with bright colours. Gone are the gray days of winter, and the sunshine is hopefully here to stay. You’ll see a cacophony of colours in everything from fashion to beautifully landscaped gardens. With so many lively and bold colours around us, it’s no wonder we feel compelled to incorporate them into our interiors. Here are a few suggestions for ways to bring colour into your home this season: 

1. Paint or Wallpaper
Paint is a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to get a whole new look instantly. Adding wallpaper can be even more dramatic, but use it sparingly – in a foyer, powder room, dining room or the background of an open bookcase. Bring some fun into your interiors by opting for bright colours, or bold patterns. These projects can be completed in one weekend, and not only enlivens your walls, but yourself as well!


2. Switch up your Artwork
Artwork does so much more than just add interest to your walls. It plays an important role in defining a home’s atmosphere and speaks volumes about its owners. It catches your eye as you enter a room and is often the focal point.

It’s essential to choose artwork that you love, but why not have a few colourful or “lighter” pieces that can be rotated seasonally. For the summer months, consider investing in watercolour paintings, prints or bright and abstract oils. Also consider changing the framing to refresh existing pieces.


3. Change your Table Settings
Since the table is the focus of an eat-in kitchen or dining room, your table setting should help pull the colour scheme together. Changing your placemats or table runner and adding a simple fresh flower arrangement can make a huge difference. Opt for bright, graphic patterns, straw – anything that is lively and fun, that will add to the spring vibe.  Coloured glassware is another option – and is very on trend.


4. Invest in Summer Bed Linens
It’s time to rejuvenate your bedroom with a fresh, new, summer-friendly bedcover and some colourful pillows. The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with colour because it doesn’t have to coordinate with the rest of the house. Mix and match patterns of different scales with solids, tying your new ensemble together with colour repetition. Now is the time to find the bright colours you’re yearning to add to your summertime sanctuary.


 5. Create a Colourful Display
The best way to accessorize is to choose a colour that already exists in the room in a small quantity. It could be a colour from a piece of art, an area carpet or your dishes. Now repeat that colour in various objects to reinforce it and create a bigger impact. Some examples are:  books, pottery, vases, candles, figurines, small decorative boxes, travel mementos, etc. Hit the stores, antique markets or garage sales. Half the fun is the hunt!

This summer your house should be as fresh and colourful inside as it is outside. Create an atmosphere for you and your family that is undeniably “summertime” by incorporating some of these ideas. Thanks for reading and enjoy!