Nautical Summer Style

Turn your interiors into a “tribute to the sea” with these tips for a nautical-style room. Be inspired by the outdoors and create your perfect summer sanctuary.The summertime weather brings thoughts of sunshine and blue skies, cottages,

The summertime weather brings thoughts of sunshine and blue skies, cottages, beaches and boats. You might feel tempted to bring this natural atmosphere indoors. This summer, opt for a nautical style to give your house that relaxed seaside charm everyone loves. Here are a few simple ways that can help you achieve this style. 

Nautical Style


1. Start with the Blues
Start with adding the colour of cool blue lakes or ocean waves and deep blue skies. Consider painting your walls a cobalt blue tone – either light or dark is perfect for accomplishing this trend’s flair. This color is great for the warmer months when paired with lots of white. And in cooler months it can be warmed up with the addition of the complementary hues of brown, rust and orange. In addition to the paint color, use different shades of blues throughout the room – from cornflower blue slipcovers to light blue throws to Meridian blue cushions and accessories. Blue is boundless – so have fun!

2. Add Stripes
Nothing says nautical like stripes. And the great thing about these – they’re so versatile. From the curtains to the carpet – you can incorporate stripes both easily and inexpensively. Stripes instantly add a nautical vibe to any room, and although the traditional nautical stripes are found in blue and white, you can play around with whatever color you like. Keep it in the maritime color scheme with red and whites, or go for brighter stripes in whatever hue “floats your boat”.

3. White Backdrop
White is the canvas for which this style can come alive. A great nautical room would have white beams (reminiscent of a traditional boat), white trim, and/or white wainscotting, cabinetry, etc. White is pure, crisp, clean and together with blue, is the perfect tribute to the beach – the air, the water, the sky and the clouds. It’s a fresh and classic look, that will never go out of style.

4. Textural Elements
Adding elements of weathered wood (floors or antiques), coir or sisal carpets; wicker; and distressed leather in warm neutral colours will complete the nautical feel. These textures create a relaxed, but sophisticated look that comes from a well-appointed room of treasured furnishings accumulated over time. Include linen and cotton fabrics, and wool throws for chilly evenings. Don’t forget to accessorize with shells and photos of maritime treasures.  Combining these elements with a few contemporary items, brings everything to life.

Let the nautical world be your inspiration and get creative!

By Sharyn Kastelic