Modern Tibetan Carpet Collection

Last night I attended a reception at the Castlefield Design Centre.  Weavers Art introduced their new modern collection – exclusive in Canada.  These multi-colour silk and wool carpets can only be viewed as “art for the fifth wall”.  The blending of the colours and the fibers were spectacular.  Usually the difference between the silk and wool sections of a rug are very pronounced.

In these carpets, there were wool sections that had been blended with silk for a softer feel and a subtle sheen that creates a third type of material that blends and creates a more artistic design (like an artist mixes colours in a painting).  The modern designs were amazing and seeing a picture/photo doesn’t do these pieces justice – you really have to see and touch to appreciate – beautiful investment pieces.

The Wall Design

“The Wall” designed by Erbil Tezcan (named after the song by his favourite group)