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Tweaking makes the most of a good space, Best Laid Plans by Donna Jean MacKinnon, Oct. 23, 2008

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Lynda is moving from a four-bedroom house and plans to take her bedroom suite, vintage fruitwood dining set and a small desk and table that she hopes to use for her computer and printer. Overall, interior decorator Sharyn Kastelic approves of the layout of Lynda’s 1,035-square-foot condominium.

“I like the separation of the two bedrooms and the enclosed kitchen, with space enough for a small bistro table,” says Kastelic, owner of Primed By Design Inc.

Still, Kastelic would indulge in some tweaking.

She advises removing the doors of the pathetic little hall closet and using the niche for a chest and mirror. Next, she would wall up the existing door to the storage room and install two new doors opening into the nine-foot by eight-foot den.

After this alteration, Lynda can outfit the storage closets as a decent-sized coat closet. She will be left with enough room for the computer desk and table against the exterior wall and for an extra dining chair (in the upper left corner) – useful for taking off boots.

The reconfiguration of the storage room also provides Lynda with a longer wall in the dining area.

“I urge Lynda to put her dining room hutch into storage and go modern with a new buffet with a marble top. I’d position the buffet against the new wall, hang an artwork above it and find a pair of glamorous lamps for each side of the buffet,” Kastelic says.

After Lynda arranges dining table and chairs in the corner created by the corridor wall, she could jazz up the dining area by painting the wall a sexy colour as a backdrop for an artwork or, perhaps, a glitzy starburst mirror.

Fitting furniture into the living area will be problematic, due to the bump at the end of the room and the position of the glass balcony doors, according to Kastelic.

“I suggest a seasonal change of furniture. In the summer, I would have a chair on either side of the bump and float a sofa and end tables, so they face the windows and chairs,” she says.

Swivel chairs would be a good choice, so sitters can swing around to watch a TV in an entertainment centre against the bedroom wall. Alternatively, the TV could be on a swivel.In the winter, Lynda could put the sofa in front of the balcony and angle the chairs on toward it.

Kastelic suggests turning the bump into an imaginative feature by using it for a vertical poster of art, covering it with marbleized wallpaper or employing an artist to paint something like climbing ivy or a trompe l’oeil mini-scene.

Lynda could also put a plant in the left corner to balance the bump.

As finishing touches, Kastelic recommends defining the living room with an area rug and dressing the windows in soft, creamy sheers under neutral pull drapes. Also, if Lynda desires a romantic ambience, Kastelic advises installing track lighting and aiming it at the drapes.

Kastelic is not fond of the organization of the kitchen.

“If there’s an opportunity to switch the stove and sink, I’d go for it,” she says. “The best arrangement would be a sink on the diagonal, in the corner between the stove and fridge. Lynda will find this more convenient and also gain counter space.”

Both bedrooms are small – a result of the builder cramming in a den, two full bathrooms and squandering space in the second bedroom area.

Most of Lynda’s bedroom suite should fit into the master bedroom if she places the headboard against the exterior wall. She could also add a small boudoir chair, in the right corner, by the window.

Kastelic applauds the generous closet in the second bedroom. In order to get maximum use out of it, she advises installing double doors and dividing it in half – one side for clothes, and the other for storing cleaning apparatus, luggage and sports equipment.

With so many small rooms, Kastelic’s final advice is to think minimally and do not crowd the designated living and dining areas.

Note: The Furniture Layout Plan on the right was not included with the original article.

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