Interior Design Trends 2014

Design Trends for 2013 included the colour teal, bird prints and handmade, vintage looking pieces. 2014 is moving on from this warm, homey look to bright colors and bold designs. Below are some of the top emerging home decor trends for 2014 and tips for updating your home to be bang on trend this coming season. 


The ‘it’ color for 2014 is without a doubt blue! Pantone’s choice is Dazzling Blue as the color of the year for 2014 and is being reflected in many of next season’s incoming trends. Benjamin Moore also announced blue as its color of the year, naming Breath of Fresh Air #806, an ethereal blue, the ‘new neutral’ for 2014.


Patterns are going to make a huge comeback in 2014, while color blocking has been the favored way to add color to homes in 2013, pattern will be replacing it for 2014. To introduce patterns to your home try some wallpaper in a foyer or powder room, draperies, and/or throw cushions. Opt for patterns with bright colours and geometric shapes, vintage looking patterns or historic prints. Adding pattern to your home can be daunting, so here are some tips:
1. Vary the scale. Use a large scale pattern in wallpaper, a medium scale on draperies and a small scale pattern on cushions.
2. Stick to one or two colours and coordinate them to create flow from room to room.
3. Mix geometric patterns, paisley, damasks, and stripes by unifying with colour.

Texture will also play a huge part in trends for 2014. Mix and match different textures to make your space more interesting and also give the room depth and character. This trend also plays into the continuing organic trend. The use of natural materials doesn’t get old.

2014 Interior Design Trends


While 2013 was all about handmade and vintage looking pieces, 2014 is the time to actually start collecting real craft pieces.Rare and authentic are two words you should keep in mind when purchasing furnishings for your home. Don’t be afraid to mix looks, as all these objects complement each other from tribal print cushions to wooden carved furniture and oriental rugs. Coloured glass is also going to be a big trend for 2014 – an easy way to accessorize for a big colour impact.

Pick your favorite trends for 2014 and make them work for your home. You don’t have to redecorate completely to be “on trend”, but adding or replacing a few tired items can transform your space and give you a ‘breath of fresh air’.