Decorate Your Interior for Spring

Bring the outside wonders of spring to your interior with these helpful tips.

Spring is finally here, although it may not seem like it. With the cold weather and snow we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s difficult to imagine the flowers and freshness that will soon permeate the outdoors.

The new life blossoming around you provides the perfect excuse to bring new life to your interiors with a makeover to revitalize your home. Below are some tips to help you spring-orate your indoors! 

1. Spring Clean – Your new, spring-ready home must begin with a thorough cleaning. Banish the dust and cobwebs, scrub the floors, wash the windows, and make any necessary repairs. Don’t forget to throw open those clean windows to let in the fresh air. A clean interior is the perfect foundation for a makeover. But before beginning your changes, take the time to rid your home of any unnecessary clutter that may have built up over the long winter.


2. Let in Light – Spring is the time to embrace the longer days and let in the natural light and warmth. Take a look your blinds and draperies. Consider having heavy or dark draperies professionally cleaned and stored until fall or perhaps it’s time for new ones. Assess your blinds and decide if they are functioning correctly for your privacy and light filtering requirements. Also, are they the right style for the room? A great way to add an instant room update is with new blinds or draperies (or both) and then open them up and welcome those rays!


3. Use Colour – One of the simplest ways to transform your home is to decorate using pops of vibrant colour and pattern on throw cushions, draperies, rugs and accessories. This is easy to do on any budget and the end results are astounding. For spring especially, opt for greens, yellows, blues, pinks, and purples. At this time of year, most home furnishings stores have their new spring and even summer inventory on display, meaning you’ll easily find what you’re looking for. Adding colour is the perfect way to revitalize tired decor.


4. Opt For Whites – Though bright colors are always a great spring option, white is also great as a decorating foundation. White is the epitome of crisp, clean, freshness, and is a wonderful neutral backdrop for any design. White can be especially nice to use in bedrooms this time of year. Get rid of the wintery comforters, and get your sleeping area ready for fresh spring mornings and warm summer nights. Your room will feel refreshed, and your sanctuary revived!


5. Incorporate Fresh Flowers – Nothing says spring like new life! One way to bring that spring feeling indoors, is to surround yourself with beautiful blossoms. Flowers instantly alter the feel of any room with their lovely colors and fragrance. Placing an arrangement on a table, mantle, countertop, or dresser, will make your home, look (and smell!) like spring. For those of you with your own gardens, step outside and chose your decorations! Those that require the help of a florist, there is sure to be a large selection of seasonal beauties, any of which would complement your home’s new spring glow.