Collecting Photographs – An Affordable Art Option

A good interior decorator will work with you at every step, ensuring that a room accurately reflects your personality and style. However,  in the end what makes a room feel lived in, is personal items that are added over time.

For many people one of the main ways of personalizing a room is with art. From teenagers with posters of music stars and students with posters of their favourite cult film, to art works picked up on vacation, everyone has images they love. For many, collecting art can be a bit daunting. People within the art field lament the commercialization of art, i.e. that art is about resale value rather than love. 

collecting photographsThanks to technology, art work and especially photography has become much more affordable and should not be off-putting to anyone. While there is debate over whether digital cameras have reduced the cost of photography, weighting the costs towards the initial purchase rather than developing prints, photography has become much more accessible. Almost everyone is now taking pictures, and with people able to see their results immediately and share their photographs across the internet, it is far easier to find good quality photography. For the photography industry this has resulted in financial pressure, but for photography fans it means that pictures are far easier to find and purchase.

If you feel your home could be enhanced, it is well worth looking at hanging photographic art. There are many amateur photographers who are happy to see their photos appreciated by the public and are happy to share them with anyone who asks.

If you want to find photographs for your home, sites like Flickr can be very useful. There are many photographs that are labeled with a “Creative Commons” license which means you can download them and use them as you wish. And as long as you don’t use them in a commercial or business context their use is perfectly acceptable, both legally and for the artist. If these photographs are not of high enough resolution (which has implications for how well and large they can be printed) most photographers will provide large resolution images if they are asked politely, and it’s explained that you appreciate the photo and would like to hang it on your living room wall. The ego boost is great for many photographers and if you were to offer them a few dollars for their work as a friendly gesture it almost always goes over well.

After that it’s just a matter of bringing the computer file to a print shop and getting it printed. Frames can be bought at any price range and soon your home will be full of high quality art that you have collected yourself. If you really want to delight someone, try going through your family and friends’ Facebook pages. You might find a hidden gem to hang on your wall that will surprise them on their next visit.

By Sharyn Kastelic