Summer Decorating

Thankfully the weather has turned warmer and with more daylight hours we have more energy to start those decorating projects we have been putting off.  There’s another great motivator that helps us get things done, and that is the thought that “company’s coming”!  Most of us are driven to clean and spruce things up before company arrives.

There are lots of sources on-line for spring cleaning and getting organized, but once that’s done, you may want to freshen up your décor.  For decorating projects, you may be undecided about how to finish what you started.  Or maybe you just need a mini-makeover with a set of fresh (trained) eyes that will help you utilize what you already have.  In any case, here are some inspirational ideas to help get you started.  Continue reading

2015 Interior Decorating Trends

It’s great to have so many sources for decorating trends for the new year, so if you see the same trend identified in multiple sources, you’ll know it’s a big one. What follows is a dissemination of the “big” trends from various magazine and on-line sources including High Point Fall market.  If you’re thinking of updating any of your spaces, take note of these five 2015 trends.  Continue reading

Benjamin Moore 2015 Colour Trends

Benjamin Moore has announced their selection for colour of the year 2015 – it’s Guilford Green-HC-116!

“Monochromatic colours feel right, right now. Try warm, cool, dark and light layers of the same hue. It’s one chromatic concept, gracefully flowing room to room.”

Guilford Green (HC-116) is the colour that ties this altogether, our 2015 Colour of the Year. A neutral colour that is a natural. A silvery green that works with a wide range of colour combinations – from neutrals to daring shades.”  Continue reading

New Decor Showroom – Artemano

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of a new home decor shop in the Caledonia Design Centre at Caledonia & Castlefield in Toronto.  It’s called Artemano – they carry very unique, contemporary Asian furniture, lighting and accessories.

The atmosphere was very festive – there were 2 open bars and delicious hot gourmet hor d’ouvres served by catering staff. To ensure the event was well attended and to create some buzz, everything in the store was 50% off for one night only. I was very tempted to purchase some of the fantastic cut-out metal lighting. They had quite a few different types – cylindrical or round, pendants or lamps with different cut-out designs. Continue reading

Colour Trends 2014 – Benjamin Moore


This palette is a reaction to all the colour cues that we have noticed popping up in the home furnishing industry… textiles, carpets, wallpapers, tabletops and pottery, as well as colour schemes that emerge in landscape design, the auto industry, fashion, and graphics.

As colour rarely exists in isolation, we have designed a palette of 23 colours that work well together. There is harmony among the colours. There is an art to sequencing colour from one room to another—hallways are the arteries of the house, rooms radiate off the hallways and this palette helps the transition because the colours flow seamlessly. Continue reading

Collecting Photographs – An Affordable Art Option

A good interior decorator will work with you at every step, ensuring that a room accurately reflects your personality and style. However,  in the end what makes a room feel lived in, is personal items that are added over time.

For many people one of the main ways of personalizing a room is with art. From teenagers with posters of music stars and students with posters of their favourite cult film, to art works picked up on vacation, everyone has images they love. For many, collecting art can be a bit daunting. People within the art field lament the commercialization of art, i.e. that art is about resale value rather than love.  Continue reading