2015 Interior Decorating Trends

It’s great to have so many sources for decorating trends for the new year, so if you see the same trend identified in multiple sources, you’ll know it’s a big one. What follows is a dissemination of the “big” trends from various magazine and on-line sources including High Point Fall market.  If you’re thinking of updating any of your spaces, take note of these five 2015 trends. 

1. Warm Metals – Gilt finishes are showing up in everything from door and cabinet hardware to lighting and furnishings.  This has been going strong for more than a year and shows no signs of letting up. And mixing different metals is perfectly acceptable, e.g. chrome faucets with gilt wall sconces in a bathroom.

2. Black & White – Black is trending in large solid splashes like a focal wall, but also in kitchens, fabrics and accessories.  It is being mixed with white or cream, but also with neutrals such as wood for warmth.  Black is also very popular as a window sash colour which creates a graphic frame and draws attention to the view.

Black & White

3. Statement Lighting – Sculptural and overscale lighting can make a huge impact.  I have seen a lot of large pendant lights in dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens.  And it has an even bigger impact if the style of the light fixture contrasts the style of the rest of the room.  For example, I particularly love to see a very contemporary fixture in a traditional space, or a very elegant traditional chandelier in a modern space.

Statement Lighting















4. Mid-Century Style –  Clean lines and simple shapes from the 50s and 60s mix well with contemporary or traditional pieces for an eclectic design aesthetic.  This trend is still going strong with both vintage and new furnishings designed to look like mid-century pieces.  It is best to use these sparingly so you don’t end up with period decor (i.e. 50s – been there, done that!).

A great combination is a traditional dining table with mid-century chairs as shown in this image. This is also a great example of the “90/10 decorating rule”, which states that 90% of the furnishings in a room should be the same style and 10% should be a dramatic departure from that style to really shake things up to add impact and interest.


5. White Kitchens – I have noticed a lot of white cabinetry in both contemporary and traditional styles.  Here are some of the additional kitchen trends:  countertops and backsplashes in marble slabs with grey veining; absence of upper cabinetry, sometimes replaced with shelving; hardwood floors continue to be popular in the kitchen but have lightened up in colour; statement lighting; rustic accessories.

White kitchen

These are just a few important trends to keep in mind – there are many more!